How I Hold Up My Light

The Olympic torch is a symbol of light for athletic competition between nations. It makes a journey from Athens to the host country’s cauldron. Millions of people line streets to see it pass. It is a light that is held up to the world. In like manner members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been invited to hold up the light of the gospel to the world as a way to lead the world home to Heavenly Father. In his talk, “Hold Up Your Light“, Elder Marcus B. Nash invites us to “be you and hold up the light.” Our light is the gospel of Jesus Christ and we hold it up in how we live our lives.

I’ll admit this is one area where I struggle. I’m not the type of person who can naturally steer a conversation towards religion. Usually, those types of interactions start with someone asking me a question and then based on the answers I provide a gospel conversation ensues.

An Example

A friend and former coworker brought up the topic of religion several years ago. Most of the people I work with know I’m a Latter-day Saint. He was curious about some of our beliefs. He was also curious about our set of scriptures. We had several good conversations about gospel topics. I sent him a full set of the scriptures for him to read. I don’t know what came from his study, but I do know the Spirit accompanied our conversations and my friend felt His presence.

My Way

As I have thought about how I share the gospel, I realize there are two major ways I share outside of my family. The first is sharing quotes on social media during the General Conference of the church as well as thoughts and questions those quotes inspire.

The other way is through this blog. I have enjoyed this time reviewing the talks and applying them to my life. I also hope that those of you who have read my posts have felt the Spirit and gotten something from them.

In the Home

Lastly, I hold up my light by sharing the gospel in my home. Teaching my children and interacting with them in gospel topics has helped me be a better father and husband.

For instance, on Sunday evenings after dinner, we gather for family planning. During this time we also watch “Line Upon Line” which is an animated look at the coming week’s “Come Follow Me” lessons. It is a way to learn about the gospel in a quick manner.

I also post quotes from my study during the week. I put them in places where they are easily visible. Does everyone read them? No idea, but we have had conversations about them from time to time.


I love that Elder Nash invited us to “be you and hold up the light.” The invite allows us to share the gospel in ways that are comfortable to us. My hope is that by being me, I am sharing the gospel and that those seeking truth can find it.

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