The Power of God in My Life

In his talk “With the Power of God in Great Glory“, Elder Bednar shares examples of people “armed with righteousness and with the power of God in great glory.” It got me thinking about the power of God in my life and where I have been a recipient and where I have utilized it.

Missionary Service

Probably the best example of the power of God in my life came as I served a full-time mission in the Chile Santiago South Mission from 1989 – 1991. The featured image of this post shows the other young men who came into the mission at the same time as I did. These young men showed me the power of God in my life. I learned from them and saw how they shared the gospel and loved the Chilean people.

Missionary Plaque

The picture above is the plaque that hangs in my office commemorating my mission. In the picture is President W. Craig Zwick, the president of the mission during my two years of service. Not only was he my mission president, but he was also a mentor and an example of the power of God in my life. Through his leadership and teachings, I learned more about the gospel and how to share it with love to the people of Chile. His influence gave me a desire to be better and to come closer to the Lord.

Chilean family

On my mission, we lived with families who would cook and do other chores. This was part of the rent we paid them each month. It also gave us the chance to get to know these families. The family in the picture above is one I remember with great fondness. They were not members of the church, but they were Christlike in many ways. They also exhibited the power of God in my life through their love of others and their willingness to host missionaries, not of their faith.

The Power of God Working Through Me

Through these experiences and many others, I have seen the power of God in my life. I have also experienced times where the power of God worked in me as I have served others.

I remember a time shortly after my mission at home in New York. My sister had gone out for the evening and my brother and other sister were babysitting my niece who was about eighteen months old. My niece was not having a good night and try as they might, my siblings could not get her quieted. I was in my room and heard this go on for a good hour or so. I was prompted to go downstairs and give my niece a blessing. I did so and after finishing the blessing I looked at my siblings and said “she’ll rest now”. I remember the look on their faces. I don’t think they believed me, but sure enough my niece quieted down and slept.

I have seen the power of God work through me with my children as well. This usually happens in what I call “teaching moments”. As a father, I have always tried to be ready when a “teaching moment” presents itself. I don’t know how many times we have been doing something and it hits me that my child needs to understand a life lesson or an educational moment. It’s during these times when a spiritual lesson is warranted that I have felt the power of God in me reaching out to my children. I am thankful every time it occurs and try to help my children recognize those moments as well so they understand that it is the power of God in their lives.


The power of God in our lives is all around us. It can work to affect us personally, or it can work through us to serve others. It is important that we recognize this power and where it comes from.

What experiences have you had with the power of God?

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