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  • Sharpening Our Focus on Christ

    Sharpening Our Focus on Christ

    In “Fixing Our Focus On Christ“, I discussed ways in which we can make Jesus Christ a focal point in our lives. Over time our focus can become blurry and we need to sharpen it. In “Focus On Jesus Christ“, Brother Milton Camargo helps us to know how to sharpen focus. If you’ve ever used…

  • Of Symbols and Focus

    Of Symbols and Focus

    In his address, “Lifted Up upon the Cross“, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland discusses why the cross is not a part of Latter-day Saint iconography. However, many symbols of Christianity, including the cross, can center our focus on the Savior. What is a symbol? The word symbol is defined as “a mark or character used as…

  • Fixing Our Focus On Christ

    Fixing Our Focus On Christ

    In President Russell M. Nelson’s concluding remarks at the October 2021 General Conference titled “Make Time for the Lord”, he discusses how we can fix our focus on Jesus Christ. That by doing so we can “make [our] own spiritual foundation firm and able to stand the test of time”. How can we fix our…