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  • Where Can I Find Relief?

    Where Can I Find Relief?

    The world is a chaotic place. Between work life, family life, religious life, and other areas, we are constantly under pressure. Sometimes we can feel as though it is too much. What we need is relief, but where can we find it? In “Jesus Christ Is Relief“, President Camille N. Johnson helps us understand that…

  • Seeking Christ

    Seeking Christ

    Binoculars help us see things at a distance where our natural eyes cannot make out details. I have used them to see deer in the woods or dolphins in the ocean. Reading glasses help us to see things, especially words, that are up close to our bodies. They allow us to enjoy what we read…

  • Fixing Our Focus On Christ

    Fixing Our Focus On Christ

    In President Russell M. Nelson’s concluding remarks at the October 2021 General Conference titled “Make Time for the Lord”, he discusses how we can fix our focus on Jesus Christ. That by doing so we can “make [our] own spiritual foundation firm and able to stand the test of time”. How can we fix our…